About Lance

LPONLINEBorn in March, 1975 and adopted in November, 1975. I was raised in Missoula, Montana by my parents Robert and Lyrin Palmer, who still reside in the very same home I grew up in. I attended Sentinel High School in Missoula, Class of 1993.  After dropping out of college in 1993, I returned in 1999 and graduated from the University of Montana in 2003 with an Associate of Applied Science in Retail Management and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management.

I have played the piano for the past 35 years and also learned trumpet, trombone and baritone as a young man. I am a hobby level magician. I enjoy sharing my talents with others.  I also enjoy volunteering my time to worthwhile causes, reading, creative arts, traveling, collecting art, 70’s and 80’s rock bands and having quality conversation with whoever is willing to have it.

My professional background includes the last 20+ years engaged in many different business ventures, from Real Estate, Banking, Author, Network Marketing, Education and Social Media. My vast experience in these business arenas afford me theSan Diego2014 opportunity to help and share with others in hopes that they may learn and grow personally and professionally.

IMG_2085I am currently living in Moscow, Idaho with my best friend and wife, Katrina. I am so very blessed with four children, Alex, Jacob, Rachel and Jordan.

“Life’s Great, Live It!” isn’t just a catchy tag line, it’s the way I have committed to living my life, regardless of the circumstances that surround me. Get ready for an adventure and join me today as I embark on many fun and exciting experiences to enhance the lives of others.